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The following are available for download. Please choose the Trash It! version that corresponds to your operating system:


Trash It! 5.2 (For 10.9, 10.8, 10.7)
Trash It!
v5.1 (includes apps for 10.6+)
Trash It! v4.1 (10.5 and below)

Hack to the Past v3 Reverse the Finder’s New Folder & New Finder Window hot keys. Snow Leopard and above. English operating systems only.
Hack to the Past v2 Snow-Leopard and below. English operating systems only.
Hack to the Past v2 Leopard and above. German operating systems only.

Sneak A Peek v1.1a Lion and below

Please visit TriLateral Systems for ALL versions of Cache Out X. Thank you.

Have a suggestion for an existing script/app or would like to see something completely different? We value user comments, and if you have an idea that’s both feasible and technically possible (all our scripts are free!), we’ll do our best to make it happen. If we can’t, we’ll let you know and even try to find one that does. But the first step is letting us know!

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