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Trash It! 5.2 Now Available

Trash It! has now been recompiled to work better with Mavericks. Trash It 5.2 will work with 10.9, 10.8, and 10.7. See our Downloads page for earlier systems and versions.

Use our contact page if you have any issues. Please read the Readme file for more information. Thanks and enjoy!

Trash It! 5.1

Trash It! has now been recompiled to work better with Mountain Lion. Versions in the zip archive include those for Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard. See our Downloads page for earlier systems.

Please let me know via our contact page or read me file if you have any issues. Thanks and enjoy!

My Favorite Top Ten Mac Apps

Over the years I’ve been asked what my favorite Mac Apps are, and after giving it some thought, decided to compile this list. I’ve limited it to Ten, and they are in alphabetical order, as I consider all of them indispensable. The list is intended for the typical Mac user, using Lion (what I use), and who is not a programmer. Most are small, inexpensive, or free, and some come as a suite of apps. So, here are Tom’s wholly subjective list of Top-Ten Apps:

Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5: Why? Photoshop(!), InDesign, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and more. Now with the option to “lease” it monthly (much cheaper). CS6 is out, but having tried it, have gone back to 5.5. Worst…Upgrade…Ever…

A-Dock: Why? Small floating icons that show you what is open, are clickable, configurable, and can be put anywhere on your screen.

BBEdit: Why? Best all-around text editor I have ever used. It’s the equivalent of Windows’ notepad on steroids. Edits any type of file you can imagine, from HTML to XML to Unix. READ MORE »

Downloading and Using Trash It! for Mountain Lion

Users are reporting that Trash It for Lion does work with Mountain Lion. However, Mountain Lion has a new default setting that requires you to download software from the App Store.

Here’s a tip from user Douglas:

The only big problem is the Mountain Lion GateKeeper which does not allow installation by default unless [you are] recognized developer or [it was an] App Store purchase.

Apple’s pop-up window is INCORRECT in stating that all you need to do is “Open” the app from the Ctrl Click menu, then the app will be allowed in future. – It crashes after trying to start!

You MUST set the System Preferences – Security & Privacy – General – Allow applications downloaded from – to “Anywhere”

You can download Trash It! from our downloads page. Any issues, let me know. And a big thanks to Douglas!

Trash It! and Mountain Lion

It’s come to my attention that Trash It! and Mountain Lion (10.8) may not be compatible. Please email me screenshots if you are using Mountain Lion and the English version of OS X.

UPDATE Aug 6: U.S. users of Mountain Lion have told me it works. If you are using a non-English platform and having issues, please let me know.

Apple, in its infinite wisdom, has locked out earlier Intel Mac users (see below for my computer specs) from upgrading to Mountain Lion. I cannot speak to other computers/laptops, but here’s a good list. I currently have:

  • Lion (10.7.x)
  • Processor:  2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
  • ATI Radeon HD 3870 512 MB (separate upgrade)
  • 24 MB RAM
  • Model Identifier MacPro1,1
  • 4 External HDs


Trash It! v5.0 officially released

UPDATED Feb. 17, 2012: Trash It! v5.0 is available and is compatible with Lion. Please note you can still download v4.1 on the Downloads page if you have any issues with v5. Please send any bug reports using our contact form. Thank you.

List of changes to v5.0 are:

  • Removed the use of the 24U Appearance OSAX (so no progress bar). This was based on user feedback.
  • 64-bit ready.
  • UPDATE: Includes individual app for Leopard and Snow Leopard.
  • Choose between Fast delete and items that are Really Stuck (when emptying the trash).
  • Removed Secure Delete as it was too slow, a resource hog, and users didn’t care for it.
  • PLEASE read the readme for complete list of changes, usage, and installation. As this is a complete rewrite, please send bug reports using the contact form on our website.

Trash It! Discussed on the Mac Geek Gab podcast

Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun are two of the leading experts on all things Mac (and beyond), and listeners from around the world listen to — and rely on — them to help solve their tech problems. Over 45,000 loyal subscribers listen to each episode and interact in a variety of ways.

Take a listen to this issue of Mac Geek Gab podcast as they discuss Trash It!, and also understand why these guys are true experts who know how to translate their knowledge into easy-to-understand terms just for you.

Link to episode/Listen online or in iTunes

Link to previous episodes/Subscribe to podcast in iTunes

Trash It v4.1 and Lion

Trash It does not work with Lion based on user experiences. I will be upgrading to Lion and working on a fix.  I’m looking for a release date of September. Thank you for your patience.

Trash It! updated to v4.1

Trash It! has been updated to v4.1. It contains stability improvements for speed and a new icon. You can get it on the Downloads page or by clicking here.

Please feel free to rate it at MacUpdate.

Steve Jobs Biography Due Out In 2012

Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave the go ahead for best-selling author Walter Isaacson to publish his biography next year.

Jobs granted exclusive interviews to Isaacson over the course of three years.  Jobs has battled a rare form of pancreatic cancer and undertook a liver transplant in 2009, all while helping push Apple to the top competitor spot in the technology market.

Steve Jobs Biography Due Out In 2012 – Technology News – redOrbit.

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