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Trash It and OS X 10.11 FINAL ‘El Capitan’

Trash It and OS X 10.11 beta 'El Capitan'Please note that Trash It 6.x and OS X 10.11 FINAL release are compatible. It has been tested with El Capitan (10.11 Final) and no issues were detected.

An incremental upgrade will be released shortly that makes better use of El Capitan features, but in the meantime, there should be no problems. Please use our contact form to send any issues you run into while running El Capitan (10.11) and Trash It. Thank you.

Assigning a shortcut key to Trash It

Assigning a shortcut key to Trash It! can be accomplished in just a few easy steps, making it accessible from just your keyboard. However, this doesn’t apply to the dragging and dropping of items onto Trash It! for deleting stuck items, and only for people wishing to empty their trash more quickly without the hassle of having to double-click on the app all the time.

So, here are the steps to assign a shortcut key to Trash It! (They seem long, but I’m trying to cover all my bases, so bear with me):

1. Open the Script Editor (or AppleScript Editor) application in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder.  Open the Preferences window, click on the General tab, and make sure that Show Script menu in menu bar is checked (see image below).

Script Editor preference's window

Figure 1

Close the preferences and quit Script Editor (command + Q).


Mac Geek Podcast features Trash It

Mac Geek Podcast Features Trash ItMac Observer’s Mac Geek Podcast Features Trash It!

Mac Geek Podcast features Trash It (Mac Observer), where they discuss what to do if you are having trouble emptying your trash in Mac OSX. They discuss ways to fix a trashcan that is emptying slowly and recommend using Trash It! Check it out here.

You can also download the AAC and MP3 version and then use iTunes or your iPod to navigate the chapters:

Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


Trash It Tips & Tricks

Trash It Tips & Tricks:
Some disk optimization programs that free up hard drive space will move locked items to the trash. They are able to do this because you gave them Admin access when you entered your password. If that occurs, try the steps listed below.

Step 1. You have a file in the trash and it’s locked and Trash It! can’t delete it. Try creating a new folder, moving the new folder to the trash, and moving the offending files/folders into this new empty folder. Then run Trash It!

Step 2. If that doesn’t work, take the stuck item out of the trash. Then drag and drop it onto the Trash It! icon. Make sure it’s out of the trash first. You may need to put it into a new folder first before the System will let you take it out of the trash.

See more Installation and Usage on our How-to page and in the Instructions file (enclosed in the zip file).


Trash It! 6.0.1 now available

TrashIt new icon

New Retina-friendly Icon

Is your mac stuck deleting trash? Can’t delete files? Folders? Trash It! can help! Trash It! 6.0.1 is now available on our downloads page.

Changes to 6.0.1:
• Fixed a bug introduced in 6.0
• New Algorithms for faster usage
• Should get rid of Time Machine files accidentally dragged to the trash
• Code changes

Previous versions for 10.5 or earlier available as well.


Need an X-Code Mac Programmer Needed!

xcodeI am looking for an X-Code Cocoa-AppleScript Developer to help take Trash It! to the next level as a full-fledged application. Right now it’s written entirely in AppleScript, but I’d like it to be an X-Code Cocoa-AppleScript App, with a progress bar, the usual button sequence (Yes, No, Cancel), option buttons, the possibility of storing user’s password to their keychain, plus a facelift.

If you are able to make this app, I’ll give you prominent mention on this site, mine and your Facebook page, inclusion in the ReadMe file with your name and a link to your site (if you desire), and my undying gratitude (plus we can work something out if more is needed). Ownership would still reside with NNSW.


Trash It! 5.2 Now Available

Trash It! has now been recompiled to work better with Mavericks. Trash It 5.2 will work and has been tested on 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, and 10.6.

Based on user feedback, visit our Downloads page for earlier systems and versions.

Use our contact page if you have any issues. Please read the Readme file in the zip archive for even more information. Thanks and enjoy!

Trash It! 5.1

Trash It! has now been recompiled to work better with Mountain Lion. Versions in the zip archive include those for Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard. See our Downloads page for earlier systems.

Please let me know via our contact page or read me file if you have any issues. Thanks and enjoy!

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